After 6 months of talking about, we finally got round to visiting Liverpool the home of the Beatles. We left Shropshire at 9.30am and got there in time for a mid morning cuppa at Starbucks. We parked in Liverpool One multi story car park that was very big, and well planned, with bi
g spaces and a limited number if columns.IMG_1235


The first sights of Liverpool were undertaken on an hour’s bus tour round the city highlights. It was a great trip with lots of points of interests. The very cold and windy conditions made the open top bus a little uncomfortable towards the end.


To warm up we headed to a restaurant area looking for food. We found a small Mexican restaurant with very good wraps and tortillas. It certainly warmed us up.


Afterwards we checked into the hotel, and then headed to the in famous Albert Docks that were only a short walk away. It was fascinating being at such a worldwide renowned site. We first headed to the maritime museum with exhibitions on the Titanic and its links to Liverpool even though it never docked there in the end. It was interesting to see this due to our upcoming trip to Belfast. The slavery museum was the next stop. It was fascinating to see the changes in the treatment of people over time. We left at closing time, giving no chance to see the other museums in the area, including the Beatles


We wondered round the Docks enjoying the sunset before going back to the hotel to refresh and get changed.



IMG_1365While in the hotel, Stefan checked out Trip Advisor for recommendations on places to eat, and found a New York type restaurant on Bold Street. We headed out in that direction through the evening streets of Liverpool. It was a nice walk, and on the way, we found a very pack café/restaurant called ‘Leaf’ which had great reviews for its loose-leaf tea. Now we knew where it was, we added it to our list of places to see, preferably when it was not so busy. We found Nolita Cantina just down the road from Leaf, it was rather busy but we managed to find a table for two. The food looked was deliciouIMG_1235s. I had the Pulled Pork burger, I never used to be a burger person, but now I do love them. Obviously, Stefan went for Big Boy to prove his apatite. The desert menu looked very yummy, but we passed as rather full from the mains.


Walking round the streets of Liverpool at night was not that much different to day. It was very busy with people set on their lives. There was a lot of noise, and there were massive queues to get into pubs, and clubs, as apposed to McD’s in the day. In the main street there was a really good busker called Johnny Walker, he covered things like Stereophonics. He was selling CDs, and I wish I had purchased one. He had a great voice, check him out on Facebook. We wondered past the Cavern Club made famous by the Beatles. I had to have a selfie taken with Ringo outside the bar. The finale destination for the evening was the Cheese & Co café/pub for the drink. It was very nice, sophisticated, and posh, especially after the all the pubs we had just walked past.


We headed back to the hotel to put our feet up and get some sleep for the next day of sightseeing.


After breakfast, we headed out to the stunning buildings of the library and St Georges Hall.


IMG_1381_2_3_tonemapped copyWe went to the dinosaur museum with impressive life size casts of the skeletons. There are replicas of other animals in the time zone, and later geological times. It ends with mammoths, and cave bears of the Pleistocene Ice Age.






We headed to Bold Street to check out Leaf for a cuppa.It was very busy, and we had a wait for a seat. I had a nice Cacti tea, from an interesting tea pot. They had lots of different types of loose tea. The food was really good too. There was a big queue into the café as we were leaving. It was definitely a popular place, and I am glad I tested it out.


The next stop was the Cathedral. It was massive, and stunning. It was very spacious. There were impressive tombs. There was a large grave yard lined with very old grave stones. There was lots of snowdrops adding to the peacefulness and beautifulness of it.IMG_1527


The next stop was the Radio Tower. It was decided not to go up the cathedral tower as I am cautious about going down the vast number of stairs as we headed went up the Radio Tower instead. It only took a minute to get up to the top of the tower. It would have taken 10 mins by walking up the stairs. From the top we could see a great distance across the city’s landscape. Then we saw a police car, and two, and three, there was an ambulance, and some police horses too. Looking at the St Georges Hall it was possible to see a large number of people crowded on the steeps, and in the streets. It was then learnt it was riot, which was organised to happen in Manchester but changed to Liverpool at the last minute. It was a dangerous riot, I am glad I went to the hall in the morning, and not at the end of the day. The police managed to get all the rioters into the railway station to remove them from the city.


After the excitement of the Tower we wondered around slowly watching all the shops close up. With the need for a tea we headed to Starbucks to refresh, before going back to the car and off home.



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