Being local to me, I had no excuse for not going on Andrew’s Severn Gorge and Ironbridge walk, although the weather forecast was putting me off!

The walk started on the Ironbridge with people parking in various places within the town. When I got to the Ironbridge Rhonda and Katy were already in Eley’s pork pie. I joined them and got a hot sausage roll for second breakfast. Will and Sarah also purchased a second breakfast, while Stefan went for the medium sized pie for lunch.

There were 13 of us at the start, including 3 new peeps and Kerry’s dog Bella who joined us for the firs time. We headed over the bridge passing the Tollhouse, and along the river towards the Jackfield Tile Museum. Sarah was excited about the Tile Museum and planning a visit soon. We passed several pubs which looked very welcoming.

When passing Maws Craft Centre I reminisced about the cafe there that serves nice large tea pots and free mince pies. Carrying on, we passed the pile of apples for anyone to take for a small fee. We also passed the man who sells logs which Stefan keeps meaning to get for his log fire.

There were remnants of the railway line that used to connect Ironbridge with the outside world. Andrew explained who the tracks up the hillside connected two canals. Michael was excited and wished he still lived on a barge.

We stopped at lake next to 16th century Madeley Court Hotel where we fed the ducks, Stefan drank tea (as always), we discussed food (as always) and Rhonda’s speed awareness course.

We continued along the well marked paths setting the world to rights and taking about food. The rain, finally, came just as we were coming up to Coalbrookdale. The aqueduct is always a good iconic sight of the town and the past industry it represents.

To everyone’s delight Andrew took us into the Coalbrookdale Inn to get out of the rain, and grab a drink. It is a really nice comfy pub who did not mind us invading. It served hot chocolates with 2 biscuits, and beer for everyone else. Bella was really well behaved and enjoyed the pampering and treats everyone gave her. After more interesting discussions about the world, its people, and sticky floors in pubs and night clubs. Michael gave an interesting analogy between smoking rooms in pubs and swimming pools, not something I had ever thought of.

When we left the warm pub, we quickly walked towards Ironbridge chatting about the possibilities for the power station now it has ended. It is a sad end to an era. It will be a great loss to the landscape when the towers are demolished. Once in Ironbridge we abandoned each other and headed to the cars. It was still relatively early, and we had not had lunch on the walk, so five of us headed to the White Hart for some yummy food. Bella came in too as it was dog friendly.

It was a brilliant walk, so local, and steeped in industrial history with lots of interesting bits along with way to keep us entertained.

Thanks Andrew!!!

Shropshire Young Ramblers

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