Lying in the Severn Valley, Bridgnorth is an old town steeped in history. It is split into High Town and Low Town with a funicular railway connecting the two. After the Norman Conquest, the town was granted to Roger de Montgomerie and the castle was constructed in the 10th century. The castle was blown up by the Parliamentarians in the Civl War leaving the leaning ruins.


Bridgnorth Ramble

6.5 miles

OS Explorer 218

The walk started from the Severn Park in Low Town being the first car park you reach on the way into town. A total of twenty one walkers turned up from the ‘core ones’, ‘newbies’ and those who just have not been around for a while, such as Mr G! Most people got to the start on time with waterproofs to hand but, typically, those who lived less than 5mins away arrived rather late!!

The rain was already going heavy as we started and gave no signs of giving up throughout! The camera was left in the boot of the car as it was already decided there would be no chance of getting a shot today!

The walk crossed the A442 and headed towards the beautiful cemetery climbing the steep steps next to it getting everyone’s blood going right from the start. There was time for a breather at the top before continuing through the woods levelling off after Jacobs Ladder. Next there was the Queens’ Parlour area and High Rock, where people like to write their names in the sandstone. IF it had not been raining so much, peeps might have been enthusiastic in writing Shropshire Young Ramblers in the rocks… unfortunately, it was too wet to enjoy a cup of tea let along a creative scribble!

This high point provide a good view point for talking photographs across Bridgnorth town when it is not raining!

The descending paths were narrow, eroded, blocked by branches, and brambles and it was rather slightly muddy! Being such a hard core group, as we are, we all survived with only a little splattering of mud.

Some peeps considered this walk to be a little harder than the ‘leisurely’ description Stefan wrote on the walk template. I think they should try SYR’s ‘strenuous ‘ walks!

Surprisingly, the rain was still going strong.

At this point, the local Mr G and his girl decided to break away and head home to dry off. I think we should have all joined them for a warm cup of tea but I do not think G would have appreciated it! There were later comments on Facebook from Sara illustrating how pleased she was to come on her first SYR walk with Mr G “How not to spend your Sunday off- trudging across fields in the pouring rain and cold ‪#‎shouldhavestayedinbed‬”. Another new member in the making!

The hard core ones in the group, all carried on to the end, walking through the cemetery appreciating its elegance.

Afterwards, it was decided not to partake in a nice drink in one of the local pubs due to the general wetness of everyone.

It was agrees this walk will be repeated in the summer when it is not raining so much! It was enjoyed by all, with the exception of Mr G’s girl, showing new areas of Bridgnorth to the locals as well as the new guys.

Places to eat & drink

There are many places to eat and drink in Bridgnorth, with my favourites:

  • The Kings Head and Stable Bar
  • Castle Tea Rooms

Places to stay

There are many places to stay in Bridgnorth, including :

  • The Severn Arms
  • The Bear Inn
  • The Croft Hotel.



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