Frome Valley

Frome Valley

We just managed to find a space at the top of the hill on the car packed road side. Eleven peeps grouped up at the start point for Charles’ first experience of leading a walk. Charles knows the area well as he works close by and regularly frequents the Rose & Lion pub at the start point. We all headed off enthusiastically following Charles’ directions on lovely muddy paths.

We passed a half built wooden structure that had a brilliant view of a lake. A couple of wooden stiles were climbed over. A friendly dog ran across a couple of fields to come and say ‘hello’. A tree was in the process of being cut down but Stefan just managed not to steal some logs to take home for his fire. There were some really nice houses in the village we passed pretending to be windmills with circular end sections.

During a tea break Will kindly offered round a bag of mini eggs, to which we all excitedly helped ourselves. Thanks Will. From this, chocolate became the topic of conversation for the next couple of fields … which is the favourite? Which egg is preferred? How many eggs are there? Why does America not have nice chocolate? …….

We continued along on the Herefordshire trail exploring an area new to SYR. There was a sign post. There was a farm. There were lots of cows. The muddy path turned icy. There was a bridge over a river with a little duck. Herefordshire was described by Charles as “beautiful but primitive”. Gilio spent the last half of the walk talking about his double, Mark Wright and his photographs of the guy.

We came across a disused railway bridge that appears to now be a place to play a modern version of pooh sticks with a red sofa, fridge and other such items. Towards the end of the walk we passed a very pretty church with lots of snowdrops on the yard. There was woman in a red scarf on the other side, apparently.

After unsuccessfully, avoiding another muddy patch at the end of the walk, there was a race up the hill to the car for a shoe change to ones with less mud. It was a nice little pub, although I have a minor issue as it did not serve tea… what pub does not serve tea!?! Not impressed with your pub Charles. Sorry.

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